Sunday, July 19, 2009

art star pt. 2?

So Bravo has produced some interesting reality TV via Project runway... But have any of the contestants, including winners, reached the cult status of "next big name in american fashion" as producers have intended? It seems a lot of them continue to struggle with their brands and identity in the cut throat industry known as fashion. The NY times is reporting on Bravo's new efforts to expose contemporary artists in a similar way. I have the feeling that the show will likely be great to watch but will also fail to produce a real gutsy "art star."D-list celebrity maybe, but I'm not sure the serious art collectors are going to go after work featured on a cable tv show...if anything they will avoid it like the plague. This is not an original idea by Bravo, "Art Star" (which I have yet to see) was premiered in 2006 on Gallery HD (now defunct). It seems everyone's a designer these days after Project Runway...and the contemporary art market is already saturated with a lot of over hyped talentless people. Let's not feed the machine please. XO JS

read more about bravo's endeavor here.
read about the original art star show here.

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