Thursday, December 31, 2009

the aughts.

it's hard to believe at the beginning of this decade i was 19
i lived in 10 apartments (2 of which where inhabited only by me) in 4 different cities
had 3 serious boyfriends (the last of which i'm still happily with)
opened 2 online shops (1 much more successful than the other)
signed a major deal with a british design firm
had 4 promotions and 2 layoffs
purchased 1 car
spent a lot of nights with amazing friends.
spent a lot of nights painfully alone.
in this decade i really discovered music and art as escapism
created several new artworks in various formats
purchased 1 url
adopted 1 fabulous dog
gained many pounds
and have 0 regrets

it's hard to define the decade you're in
in the new decade i'll spend most of it in my 30s
and i'm looking forward to it
without expectations.


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